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Lazer Quest is a completely mobile operation, we can come to you and set up to play on your property. Normally we will come out and view your property in advance to make sure that it is suitable. Not many properties are not suited for laser combat, we have done laser combat at many varying sized properties around the island from big to small and chances are we may have done one next to you.

We also have a variety of locations around the island to do laser combat, if you do not want it at your property.
Please contact us for current locations that we are using.

Alternately, we have our "Cops & Robbers" playing field featured below if your property has a lot of open space and not many hiding places.
We offer this in two packages, a 10 piece playing field, or a 20 piece playing field. The packages offer low walls, tall walls with doors, tall walls with windows, police cars and gangster SUV'S.
These can be inflated and placed around the property to create hiding places for players, or if you have a large open lawn, we can set up a playing field right there.

This is also a great idea for school and church fairs looking to increase profits at their event.
It's a sure way to get kids and adults to come out and have fun all day.
We do need plenty of advance notice for this option, as we have to allow for transport to and from the event and set up and take down time.