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Q. How many people can I have at my laser  combat event?

A. At the moment we can handle up to 14 players on a playing field at one time in two teams of 7, but this doesn't mean that we are limited to 14  players. With larger groups we recommend forming teams and rotating them between games. 

Q. What do I need to wear to play laser combat?

A. Generally speaking you can wear pretty much anything that you like, but we do encourage you to wear camouflage, or appropriate clothing for this type of activity and location you will be playing in. If you are not sure, please call and we will be happy to give you guide lines.
The only other things that we do request, are that you bring  a hat to wear for the laser combat head bands to go over, for hygiene purposes and to wear sneakers or boots. We do not allow you to play in flip flops, sandals or crocks, as they are dangerous to run in. 

Q. I have played indoor laser tag before and we wore vests, do we wear vests to do outdoor laser combat?

A. We do not use vests for outdoor laser combat, as they can be cumbersome and hot for outdoor play. Instead we use a head band system which has three sensors on your head held on by a velcro head band and one sensor on the gun. 

Q. Is laser combat like paint ball, where you get hit by a ball of paint and it hurts?

A. No, laser combat is not like paint ball. There are no projectiles being fired at you and is completely safe.
The system uses a infrared signal like your television remote control, which is completely harmless and no lasers like the name laser combat/ laser tag suggest.  

Q. What happens if it rains?

A. If it rains we can still play as long as it isn't torrential rain or lightning. In the event that it does rain and you want to cancel the event and book it for another date, we will try our best to re-schedule your event for the next available date that we have.

Q. How much space do I need to have laser combat at my property?

A. We have done laser tag at many different properties with many different lay outs. Generally speaking you don't have to have acres of property, but  we do recommend that we come out and survey the property ahead of time to let you know if it is suitable.

Q. Do you do anything for school or church fairs?
A. We are always happy to help out schools, churches or youth groups.
We can set up our mobile "Cops & Robbers" playing field on your field and you can bet that once the kids and parents know that we are there you will see happy faces all day. We can also work out a pricing structure that is beneficial to both parties.