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The Party Package: 
This is our standard  package which is for 2 hrs and up to 14 players for $300.00.
You can add extra players to this for an additional $20.00 each, however we do recommend trying to keep it to the 14 players, this way no one is waiting to have a turn during games.
You may also add extra time for an additional $100.00 per hr.
We regret that we do not do anything less than one hour for additional time.
If you are thinking of having a party, or get together with more than 14 people playing laser combat, then let us know, so we can discuss some options with you.

Island Parties:
As of January 2011 we have started charging an additional $150.00 for doing laser tag on islands due to the extra travel and set up/ pack up time.
**Please note that we do not offer islands to go out and do laser tag on. This is an option that you would have to organise yourself.
We also require that you provide transport for us to and from the island.**

10 Piece "Cops and Robbers" playing field:
This can be added to the "Party Package" if your property does not have an adequate amount of hiding places for an additional $100.00

20 Piece "Cops and Robbers" playing field:
This can also be added to the "Party Package" if you have a large open lot of land , or open field for it to be set up on, for an additional $200.00

***Please note that the inflatable bunkers need to be set up and held down on mainly level ground, that is clear of anything that can puncture them. 
The charge for the bunkers includes set up and take down. 
We do need an advance booking for this option, as we do  need to plan for the transportation of the bunkers to and from the site, as well as set up and take down time.***

School and Church Fairs:
We have a special pricing structure in place for these type of events, so please call us to discuss how we can help you maximize your "fun" raising money with us being there

Corporate  events and Conventions:
Please give us a call to discuss your function with us, so that we can make it that bit more exciting for everyone there. 

If we haven't listed an event that you are planning, please feel free to give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss  ideas, or options for your event.