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This is a listing and description of our more popular games that you can play.

1. Last man standing:  Self explanatory!!

2. Last team standing:  Need I say any more!!

3. Capture the flag:  This can be played in teams, or as a free for all. The object of the game is obviously to capture the flag, but you need to get it back to either your team's base without being tagged out, if you are playing in teams, or to get it back to the safe zone if playing it as a free for all without being tagged out. If you are tagged out with the flag in your possession on your way back to base or the safe zone, then it is up for grabs until the next player captures it!!

4. Capture the hostage:  You have received intelligence information on a terrorist group which has captured a hostage. It is up to your elite group to infiltrate the terrorist base and destroy as many of them as possible and get out with the hostage alive to the mock landing zone (LZ) where your helicopter will be waiting to get you out of enemy territory.

5. King of the hill:  One team defends a hill top position, while another team try's to tag out as many of the defending team's players as possible and infiltrates the hill top position and takes over. The game is not over until one team is dead.

6. King of the hill capture the flag style:  Same as regular king of the hill, except with a twist. The opposing team must infiltrate the hill top position, capture the flag and get it back to their base in order to win.

7. Sniper:  Intelligence information says that there may be snipers operating in the area, which have been creating problems with ground operations. Your job is to form a reconnaissance (reccy) party to go out on a search and destroy mission and clear the area of snipers operating in it. Be careful though, because the snipers have more fire power than you, resulting in more life points being taken from you with every hit!!

8. Kids treasure hunt:  It can be a free for all, or teams. The parents hosting the party have placed treasures around the area which you must find and collect without being taken out by the other players. Once all the treasures are found, then the player, or team who has the most treasure and life points left wins the game.

9. Escalating Assault: The players are assigned into two teams, designated as attackers or defenders. The attackers start off with one player, while the balance of players go to the defending team. Attackers receive unlimited re-spawns; when a defender is killed they become an attacker. The game continues until the last defender is eliminated.

10. Protect The Captain: Players are assigned to two or more teams and each team designates a captain. Each team's primary objective is to eliminate the opposing team's captain while protecting their own and escorting their captain to the opposing team's base. A team wins when it has eliminated the opposing teams captain and escorted theirs to the enemy's base.

11. Maximum Damage:  Both teams are given 100 life points for each player and a 10 minute time frame to inflict as much damage to the opposing team as possible.
After the 10 minutes is up we check each team players life points and add how ever many life points they have left over into their teams total remaining points.
Which ever team has the most remaining life points wins.  

12. Search And Destroy:  Both teams leave their base and are in search of two flags that are hidden on the playing field.
The objective of the game is to find both flags and get them back to the designated pickup area without being seen by the other team.
The rules are basically the same as in "Capture The Flag". 

Game playing times can vary depending on location and how many games you want to play.
We normally put a half hour cap on each game and try and do as many games as we can in two hours if you have the "Party Package".

We also welcome any game ideas that you may have in mind. (Please discuss them with us prior to game day.)